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Saturday, 09. November 2013
Deciding on Fast Secrets In dui lawyer
By syeleandroimbtnr, 19:50

Gard & Bond is dedicated to defending people charged with offenses. As we recognize many cases are exaggerated DUI attorneys along with the facts misstated. On occasion the accusation is patently false. We have successfully defended individuals from all walks of life who stand accused of all amounts of crimes, including marijuana and other drug cases, thieving, dui, dwai, assault, domestic violence, harassment, etc. We have successfully tried numerous cases throughout the state and negotiated tens of thousands of plea agreements, most of which helped the client prevent jail and get on with their life.

dui lawyerJeff Gard is a hard nosed litigator whose tenacity earns the respect to him of his own colleagues, judges and customers. Based on his reputation for well honed trial skills and meticulous preparation, Jeff is often hired by attorneys to help with cases where resolution has neglected along with the case should be taken to trial. Jeff is one of only a few solicitors within the area of Colorado to become a Life Member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar. The Colorado Criminal Defense Bar is devoted to protecting the rights of individuals accused of offenses.
- - negotiated a sentence for a client charged with felony cultivation of pot;
-- reduced DUI charge to careless driving;
-- acquitted a client at trial of criminal mischief;
-- reduced a driving under the influence of drugs case to careless driving;
- - obtained a sentence to a non-domestic violence charge for a client accused of assaulting her boyfriend;
-- secured dismissal of a menacing with a deadly weapon case;
- - convinced the DA to provide a sentence in a felony stalking case;
- - negotiated a sentence in a multi-thousand dollar felony forgery case;
-- obtained a probation term for a customer facing a compulsory 12 year prison sentence;
-- secured dismissal of a DUI case;
- - negotiated a petty offense charge in a case in which the federal mail was utilized by the client to send drugs out of state;
-- secured dismissal of charges of DUI and third degree assault/domestic violence on the eve of jury trial; and
-- negotiated a plea to a charge of unreasonable noise in a public place, where in actuality the customer was originally charged with unlawful sexual contact.

What our customers say about us:

Jeff has one particularly astonishing gift. Out of 30 people in prison court that day I was the sole one to walk free. "I need that f*cker working for me" (the man sitting in front of me after Jeff finished his argument). Jeff hasn't didn't supply the top representation within the most economical form. He is to the stage, firm and compellingly persuasive. Neil D.

There are no words to adequately express my admiration for your nearly incredible legal guidance and court related work on my DUI case. The relief I felt when learning of the court's decision can solely be described as the weight of the planet being lifted off my shoulders. You did a marvelous job, Jeff, and I can't thank you enough. I will spread the word regarding your exceptional competence and professionalism. Thank you for all you've done in simplifying and enhancing my life. Noah R.W. Saunders

For those who have just about any inquiries relating to wherever and also how you can work with dui lawyer (, you possibly can email us in our own web site.


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